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Who are we?


We're your elite squad of startup ninjas.

Ninjas? You bet. Our award-winning software engineers represent the best that Silicon Valley has to offer—and many millions of successful app downloads. Each of our people has been carefully selected for the ability to deliver. And like ninjas, they strike fast—targeting your needs quickly and precisely.

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We’re experts in scalable quality.

Acquisition, retention and growth are our watchwords throughout your project. Everything we make for you is created with the immediate moment in focus and your future needs mind—from a strong, stable minimum viable product to the solution that eventually powers millions of long-term customer relationships. And we release nothing that isn’t 100% user friendly.

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We’re blazing-fast producers.

You’ll never see our engineers waving a white flag at the calendar. The marketplace doesn’t wait for you and we don’t expect you to wait for us. We’d rather make several iterations in smooth and timely fashion rather than sweeping iterations that take too long to long to plan and put too many variables in play at one time.

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We're in your corner, all the way

No technical founder? No problem.

Got a great idea but no tech genius on your team? No problem. We have a staff full of them. We can join you at the “ideas on a cocktail napkin” stage, build with you from the ground up and handle all of your development and roll-out details, too. Your idea will have the benefit of best practices developed while pleasing tens of millions of happy users.

Numbers don't lie.

(Neither do we, by the way.)


Average rating of the apps we worked on.


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Hackathons we've won collectively

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  • Prototyping

    MVP & Prototyping

    Need a fast turnaround on something that gets the job done for first-stage development? We’re well traveled in the world of hackathons, sales demos, and MVPs. Let us help you explore possibilities and find the essential product-market fit that leads to breakout startup success. And we’ll be happy to stick around to handle product management.

    Image Source: 2016 VentureBeat Botathon SF, where we won 1st place.
  • AI & Chatbots

    AI & Chatbots

    Need technology you can talk to? Technology that talks back? Come to us for custom chat bots. We’ll bjild themn and make them work wherever you need them to, including on Facebook Messenger, Slack, and SMS. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a second language to us and we’re highly experienced language coaches when it comes to internationalizing chat bots.

    Listed are technologies we've worked with

  • App Development

    App Development

    So many app ideas, so few development resources? Whether it’s Android, iOS, web or all three, we’ve got the people to get your app created, tested, maximized, up, running and widely distributed.

  • “Mike Chang was able to produce a MVP within 3 weeks for us to validate our product hypothesis. His vast startup experience and technical aptitude were really what we needed to get Salon Box moving in the right direction.”
    Shinsuke Kobayashi
    CEO, Salon Box Pte Ltd., Ex-GE Capital Exec
  • “With Mike Chang's help, we were able innovate and make cutting edge our fundraising and membership outreach. Nowadays, with communications in social and political activism happening so fast, a service like Mike Chang is key.”
    John Yi
    Director, American Lung Association

Talk is cheap. Really cheap.

(This time, that's a good thing)

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