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In the real estate business,  cummunication is basic. Each effective sale starts with a solitary purpose of contact.

Ask yourself: how many ways can house-hunters get in touch with you? In case you’re similar to most real estate agents, likely just by a phone call or email.

What Is Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing gives you a new and significant channel, permitting more planned purchasers to contact you, and allowing you to make more deals. The more contacts, the more sales, the more profits you take home.

Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, is an authorization-based type of publicizing that takes advantage of the huge popularity of text messaging companies. By making use of this mobile medium, you can convey essential information to customers at any given time, anyplace, giving them the resources to make an informed buy.

Every property gets an assigned keyword. A keyword is a word or expression that is texted to a shortcode (a 5-or 6-digit phone number) to start a text campaign. Let’s say you have a house available for sale at 22 Main Street, so you select “22MAIN” as the keyword. This keyword is promoted on the property’s lawn sign and on any print or online listings. “Text 22MAIN to 555888 for property information” You can choose any keyword for your property, but it should be simple and easy to remember (quite recently like our shortcode, 555888). You could use the address, the name of your realty company, your name, and so on.

Why Text Marketing?

That is the way it works. Be that as it may, why does it work? Here’s three reasons.

  1. It’s simple.
    It just takes a few moments to send a text, and many people will do it on an impulse. What they get in return is an abundance of information on the property, effortlessly accessible at any minute on their phone.
  2. It’s mobile.
    There’s mounting proof that mobile is the next enormous thing. Mobile-friendly sites are extraordinary, yet can be very hard to arrange and will only reach the half of Americans who possess smartphones. Text are available on about every cellphone and are easy to set up.
  3. It conveys phenomenal leads.
    You’ll get the contact information of people that are interested in purchasing or leasing your property. Regardless of the possibility that they don’t close on that property, there’s sufficient chance to direct them to your other listings.

What to Text?

What would it be advisable for you to incorporate into the body of your text message? You can customize the message to include any information you need, yet we prescribe regarding it as a bite-size listing.

Here are just a few items you can include:

Address, Profile, Size, Price, Your contact info, Shortened link to Google Maps,Shortened link to your website

You can also follow up via text to continue the conversation, or call their phone directly.




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