App Development & Payment Infrastructure

ClassDojo -Happier Classrooms

Based out of San Francisco, ClassDojo stands successful as an incredible educational software, with a steady and exponential user growth. With over 30 million in funding, ClassDojo is widely used globally (180 countries+), and in the US, they are used in 90% of K-8 schools!

Ranked as a Top App & Featured Repeatedly by the App Store
  • ClassDojo is an App store daring with an exceptional user base – constantly featured by the app store and a super-passionate user base.
Late-Stage Startup with Significant Traction and Growth
  • With 30M+ in funding and notable investors like General Catalyst. 2/3 of all schools in the US use ClassDojo to improve their classroom experience and parent-teacher communication.
Award-Winning App

ClassDojo won the renowned Crunchies award in 2015 in their category! They topped other educational startupslike Coursera and AltSchool.

Our Contributions

For 3 months, Mike Chang served as Senior Mobile Engineer, leading the Android app that reached millions of users. Mike also managed a group of 4 offshore engineers. 

  • From traction to revenue - the prep work

    Gaining traction with an app (even freely distributed) isn't easy, and monetizing the very same group who fell in love with the app for its generosity is even harder. Especially when it's at the scale ClassDojo is running. Mike was tasked with investigating and implementing the most effective payment option. The effort was cross-functional and resulted in a successful experimentation.

  • Parse down! New notifications system to the rescue

    Sending push notifications to millions of users is no walk in the park. It requires a resilient infrastructure and a platform we can rely on. Parse, the popular real-time backend and notifications platform, just happened to phase out while Mike was involved in the project! Bummer. Mike was involved in re-rearchitecting and migrating push notifications to ensure a smooth transition between the 2 architectures and added rich notifications on Android. Moved over, Parse! A more reliable notifications layer ishere.

  • Continuous Integration means less bugs 

    Set up continuous integration and automated integration test to lower cost of testing and production errors. Successfully reduced bugs in an effort to make the number of test cases larger to achieve better coverage. This achievement paves way for continuous delivery.

  • Continuous delivery means less stress

    Transitioned from bi-weekly to weekly releases following implementation of continuous integration. It helped them to move faster. Manage a large set of beta users, stability of each release and made calls for additional bug-fix releases.