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Pingpad - Enterprise Collaboration

Ross Mayfield, one of the founders of PingPad, has been around since the earliest days of Enterprise 2.0, founding Socialtext, an early proponent of enterprise collaboration tools that mimicked the ease of web-based tools like blogs and wikis emerging in the early 2000s... The new tool is essentially a Slack bot that captures the conversations and converts it into an organized, searchable and usable document.

Backed by elite investors
  • Backed by 500 Startups, Crunchfund, Floodgate Fund, Greylock Capital and notable angel investors.
Led by pioneer inenterprise software
  • Founded by Ross Mayfield, a serial entrepreneur and enterprise collaboration guru who famously founded SocialText and drove the acquisition of SlideShare.
All-In on chat bots & Slack
  • Slack is the fastest growing enterprise software, ever. Pingpadis fully invested in Slack's success and became the first of the startups that is built entirely on Slack.

Our Contributions

Mike Chang served as VP of Engineering, and oversaw development and team operations. Omar Sharif led all QA, DevOps effort. The work was done as full-time employees of Pingpad, Inc.

  • App Product Development: We're really sprinting!

    Mike joined the team as the lead Android developer (then quickly rose to VP of engineering), to a counterpart that is iOS team 3X in headcount. Initially, the Android platform wasn't part of the launch plan, but Mike was able to complete the MVP within a few weeks and eventually launched with the iOS platform, driving far more engagement and a much wider distribution. The features that aimed to drive app-virality were far more effective. Pingpad now has a wider user-base that doesn't have to shy away from sharing with Android users. The pace didn't stop. We ran so fast that we worked closely with product team to make Android the primary platform for testing new features. It is a practice uncommon in most startups.

  • Slack Chatbot: Navigating through the pivot

    As Pingpad transformed from a consumer based mobile app to a Slack-based enterprise wiki, Mike Chang assessed the code base and discovered that rewriting the code base entirely is more efficient. Given that the requirements were clear, Mike delivered another prototype in just 2 weeks and an MVP in a month time, just in time to meet a demanding launch schedule.

  • It's a Full-Stack Party 

    Slack app is at its infancy when we first started. This means that there were plenty of experimentation, exploration (we must have been one of the first to implement Slack sign-in and deploy a Slack app), and kicking ourselves while working closely with Slack's internal platform team. We adopted a distributed system design that handled scaling challenges that come with keeping plenty of connections open to each of the Slack team, along with a sophisticated security system, as well as having "real-time" as core of the app. These are highly challenging technical problems that required significant collaboration between product, DevOps, and feature developers.