Taylor McDonald

Taylor is a full-stack Javascript engineer and a React enthusiast. He enjoys building sleek, intuitive user interfaces, experimental (yet palatable) animations, and beautiful, informative visualizations. Devoted to the user experience and well-versed in the needs and the culture of startup endeavors, he creates solutions that ensure retention, reinforce acquisition, and deserve recognition. With or without the designs and/or specifications of products or features, Taylor engineers creative, efficient, steadfast, and “pixel-perfect” implementations. He also curiously considers and suggests alternatives to the prescribed methods, data models, and architecture of the project, as well as existing “best practices” in web and mobile application development. Taylor has worked extensively with Mike Chang as a senior developer in a previous venture in enterprise messaging, building a highly scalable and performant infrastructure from the ground up, as well as working on client-facing dashboards, tools, and analytics. Building for both web and mobile, he has also held several roles with companies as a front-end and full-stack engineer at critical times of business and product development, quickly shipping out quality code for features when it mattered most, driving growth and locking in future monetization. Taylor holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.