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Meet the Humans Behind Botwork

Get 360° perspective on your project from a well-rounded, high-performance team.

We’re not a chop-shop full of coders who decided to declare themselves experts shortly after getting the hang of HTML. We can’t stand guys like that. They give real guys like us a bad name and should just…never mind.

Botwork is a dynamic group of software engineering pros at the top of our game, with proficiency across the spectrum of startup tech needs. Each of us wants nothing less than to understand your mission, get immersed in your culture and bring your ideas to life.

Hana Taruishi - Botwork Team Member. iOS and React Specialist.

Hana Taruishi

Senior Software Engineer

Working out of Korea, Hana is a rockstar software engineer with solid Javascript experience. He specializes in Javascript (he is the ReactJS guru on our team) and spends a significant amount of his time building Botwork’s in-house UI component frameworks across projects.

Taylor McDonald - Botwork Team Member, Senior Software Engineer

Taylor McDonald

Taylor is a full-stack Javascript engineer who is well-versed in the needs of startups and considers user experience the key to ensuring awareness, acquisition and retention success. He has built infrastructure from the ground up, provided easy-to-under dashboards and analytics for end users, and driven growth for clients by quickly responding with quality code at critical times of business and product development.

Building sleek/intuitive user interfaces, unique/telegraphic animations and beautiful/informative visualizations is Taylor’s passion. Even if you don’t have your designs and/or specifications locked in yet, count on him to work with you in developing creative, “pixel-perfect” implementations that do everything you need them to do.

In addition to a thorough understanding of best practices in web and mobile application development, Taylor will also bring natural curiosity and creative thinking to your project. In the course of making sure the solutions he offers are the best they can be, he may suggest alternatives to your prescribed methods, data models and architecture. Don’t take it personally. He does it all day at the office, too! And we’re glad he does.

Omar Sharif - Botwork Team Member, QA & DevOps

Omar Sharif

Omar is a DevOps and automation specialist. He started his career at AppLovin (acquired for $1.5 Billion). He has since worked for startups backed by 500 Startups, Y-Combinator, and other notable investors. He has had repeated success in raising product quality and engineering efficiency through automation. He is highly experienced in viral product launches and running consumer and enterprise software at scale. He has worked with Mike Chang for the last 4 years. He placed 1st in a 2016 Hackathon event in San Francisco, held by VentureBeat.
Mike Chang, Botwork Founder, Profile Photo

Mike Chang

Once upon a time, a 12-year-old boy with a 15-inch CRT monitor and a 56k modem decided to set up shop making websites for local businesses. That preteen startup upstart has come a long, long way since then, and his passion for startups and people who dare to dream is still going strong.

Mike’s own dreamer’s spirit and multifaceted skillset—a unique combination of engineering expertise, product development knowhow and entrepreneurial skill—have helped him develop a perfect perspective on the unique needs of young startup enterprises. His method includes devoting personal attention to engineering management, a work style that enables him to jumpstart teams and lead them through robust periods of rapid growth.

Before founding Mike Chang Consulting, Mike was VP of Engineering at Pingpad—a bot-augmented wiki for enterprise teams. His engineering leadership enabled Pingpad to successfully navigate around the rise of Slack, as the company pivoted from mobile apps. Funding for Pingpad came from 500 Startups, CrunchFund, Floodgate and Greylock.

Earlier, Mike held an engineering leadership position at E la Carte, the leader in restaurant pay-at-table systems, funded by Y Combinator and Intel Capital. During Mike’s tenure, E la Carte experienced hyper-growth, engaging in new rounds of funding and expanding exponentially in headcount.

Mike also led the development of Presto tablets software and held various engineering roles at Cisco, Electronic Arts, and Zoosk. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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